SMARTGLASS™ is the smart choice for installers who want a product that does it all. Designed with conservatories in mind, this innovative glass lives up to its name with a range of intelligent features that offer homeowners exceptional performance and comfort, without compromising style.

With our advanced SMARTGLASS™, conservatories are warmer in the winter and cooler all summer long, thanks to its clever temperature-regulating properties.
Additionally, it’s almost three times more efficient at keeping warmth in than standard double glazing, reflecting up to 86% of the sun’s heat while still filling the room with light. From antiglare and self-cleaning capabilities to soundproofing and warm edge technology, it’s unsurpassed in terms of performance and intelligent design features.

Key Benefits of SMARTGLASS™

Five times stronger than regular glass of the same size and thickness

Five times more heat resistant than standard glass and can withstand temperatures up to a 250 degrees

Twice the soundproofing abilities of standard glass. Reduction in noise levels of up to 60 dB

Tempered glass absorbs 65% of UV rays, giving it an SPF of around 16

impact resistant and protective compared to ordinary glass, making it suitable for safety in many situations,

Colour your Sky, warm your winters, and cool your summers with SmartGlass™

Imagine a world where your living space blends seamlessly with the beauty of nature. With a SMARTGLASS™ roof, this dream becomes a reality. Now available in four stunning colours, each roof boasts incredible technical performance while adding a unique touch of elegance to your surroundings. Bask in the warm hues of a sky blue or aqua green tint, or embrace tradition with a timeless bronze. If neutrality is your preference, our colour-neutral variant offers solar control and warmth while seamlessly blending with any installation. Let your SMARTGLASS™ roof elevate your daily experience and enrich your outlook with unobtrusive, radiant beauty. The possibilities are endless, and the beauty of nature is within your reach - Let SMARTGLASS™ take you there.

SmartGlass™ is the all-round glazing solution

It has everything your customers need to enhance the comfort of their living space, with the added benefits of increased energy efficiency and low maintenance self cleaning properties”





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