Toughened glass is recognized for its unmatched strength and safety, making it a popular choice for a vast array of applications that require durable solutions.

Toughened glass is a widely used type of safety glass which undergoes controlled thermal treatments to significantly enhance its strength when compared to regular glass. The process of tempering results in the outer surfaces of the glass being compressed while the inner surfaces are placed into tension. As a consequence of these applied stresses, toughened glass, when broken, shatters into small and less hazardous fragments as opposed to sharp and dangerous shards, which can be formed by annealed glass. The tempered glass is used in various applications where there is a high risk of breakage. The utilisation of toughened glass provides improved safety and peace of mind, particularly in situations where safety and reliability are of utmost importance.

Key Benefits of toughened glass

Five times stronger than regular glass of the same size and thickness

Five times more heat resistant than standard glass and can withstand temperatures up to a 250 degrees

Twice the soundproofing abilities of standard glass. Reduction in noise levels of up to 60 dB

Tempered glass absorbs 65% of UV rays, giving it an SPF of around 16

impact resistant and protective compared to ordinary glass, making it suitable for safety in many situations,

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